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How to create a group and send a message to it#


Before adding the green-api package, you need to install composer (php dependency manager).

composer require green-api/whatsapp-api-client-php


require './vendor/autoload.php';


You may see the full example at: createGroupAndSendMessage.php

How to initialize an object#

$greenApi = new GreenApiClient( ID_INSTANCE, API_TOKEN_INSTANCE );
Please note that keys can be obtained from environment variables:
require './vendor/autoload.php';

define( "ID_INSTANCE", getenv("ID_INSTANCE" ));

How to create a group and send a message to it#

$chatIds = [
$resultCreate = $greenApi->groups->createGroup('GroupName', $chatIds );

if ($resultCreate->code == 200)
    $resultSend = $greenApi->sending->sendMessage($resultCreate->data->chatId, 
        'Message text');

IMPORTANT: If one tries to create a group with a non-existent number, WhatsApp may block the sender's number. The number in the example is non-existent.

Running index.php#

php -S localhost:8080

The full list of examples#

Description Module
Example of sending text sendTextMessage.php
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