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Java WhatsApp Library#

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Java WhatsApp library for integration with WhatsApp messenger via API of service. To use the library you have to get a registration token and an instance ID in the console. There is a free developer instance plan.

This library uses the Spring Framework


You can find REST API documentation by url. The library is a wrapper for REST API, so the documentation at the above url applies to the library as well.


To send a message or to execute some other Green API methods, you have to have the WhatsApp account in the phone application to be authorized. To authorize your instance please go to the console and scan a QR-code using the WhatsApp application.

How to send a message#

How to create a group and send a message#

How to send a file by downloading from disk#

How to send file by uploadFile + sendFileByUrl#

How to send poll#

How to receive incoming notifications#

Complete list of library methods#

Service methods documentation#

Service methods documentation


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0). See file LICENSE.