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How to create a group#


Do not forget to create a module:

go mod init example


go get


import (


How to initialize an object#

GreenAPI := api.GreenAPI{
    IDInstance:       "1101000001",
    APITokenInstance: "d75b3a66374942c5b3c019c698abc2067e151558acbd412345",

Note that keys can be obtained from environment variables:

IDInstance := os.Getenv("ID_INSTANCE")
APITokenInstance := os.Getenv("API_TOKEN_INSTANCE")

How to create a group#

Link to example: createGroup/main.go.

response, _ := GreenAPI.Methods().Groups().CreateGroup("groupName", []string{

Running the application#

go run main.go

List of examples#

Description Link to example
How to create a group createGroup/main.go
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