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Golang WhatsApp Library#

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Golang Library for integration with WhatsAPP messenger via API of service. To use the library you have to get a registration token and an account id in the personal area. There is a free developer account tariff plan.


You can find REST API documentation by url. The library is a wrapper for REST API, so the documentation at the above url applies to the library as well.


To send a message or to execute some other Green-API method, you have to have the WhatsApp account in the phone application to be authorized. To authorize your account please go to the personal area and scan a QR-code using the WhatsApp application.

How to create a group#

How to send a message#

How to send a message with an attachment#

How to receive incoming webhooks#

List of all library methods#

Service methods documentation#

Service methods documentation


Licensed under MIT terms. Please see file LICENSE