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No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-2556 Added image preview


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-3305 Error sending files to groups Fixed
2 SW-3277 The sender's device with the Android operating system doesn't have a poll Fixed
3 SW-3306 Increased occurrence of error SWE003 Fixed
4 SW-3357 Error sending link to PDF files Fixed
5 SW-3284 Error sending files to groups Fixed
6 SW-3074 Missing statuses when sending files Fixed
7 SW-3337 Error changing account status on yellowCard Fixed
8 SW-3358 False blocked status Fixed
9 SW-3365 CheckWhatsApp error for (+84), (+85), (+81) numbers Fixed
10 SW-3387 Error when calling getContacts method Fixed
11 SW-3510 Error downloading file using downloadFile method Fixed
12 SW-3606 Incorrect type of review when receiving message Fixed
13 SW-3404 Instance in starting status when calling the getAuthorizationCode method Fixed
14 SW-3305 Error processing advertising messagesй Fixed
15 SW-3354 Error sending messages to group chats Fixed
16 SW-3215 Issues with heavy instances Fixed
17 SW-2499 Issues with the display of preview links from YouTube Fixed
18 SW-3500 Message getting stuck while creating YouTube link preview Fixed