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Important changes that may affect the integration with the API and may require additional code development on your side:


No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-2840 Added contactName field to the getContacts method Documentation
2 SW-748 Added contactName field to getContactInfo method Documentation
3 SW-1675 Added new status yellowCard webhook OutgoingMessageStatus Documentation
4 SW-2767 Added available field to GetAvatar method Documentation
5 SW-1907 Increased group name length to 100 characters for methods UpdateGroupName and CreateGroup Documentation
6 SW-743 Increased the number of symbols in the method sendMessage up to 20000 Documentation
7 SW-2831 The number of symbols in sendFileByURL, sendFileByUpload methods is limited to 20000 Documentation
8 SW-2896 Added senderContactName field at method call getChatHistory и LastIncomingMessages Documentation
9 SW-2754 Added a stanzaId field with the survey id in the body of the survey update Documentation
10 SW-2612 Added incomingCallWebhook setting to enable receiving incoming call notifications Documentation
11 SW-2687 Added isBusiness field to the getContactInfo method Documentation
12 SW-2695 Added three attempts to download a file in case of an error
13 SW-2734 Added MIMEtype check after type definition by bytes.
14 SW-2579 Added notifications of incomingBlock type to the journal


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-2266 Returns an empty chatName field in the outgoingAPIMessageReceived notification when sending a message or file Fixed
2 SW-1107 The receiveTimeout parameter does not work in the receiveNotification method Fixed
3 SW-2343 When outputting the "name" field in the GetContactInfo method, it returns an empty value if the number is not added to contacts Fixed
4 SW-2330 It is required to update the senderName field when adding a contact to the phonebook Fixed
5 SW-2323 The chatName field was not updated when generating webhooks Fixed
6 SW-1965 There is no message status in the sent message journal after instance reauthorization Fixed
7 SW-1559 When working with group chats, the GetContactInfo method does not report that it does not work with groups Fixed
8 SW-2733 Stopping the queue when sending a file using the sendFileByUrl method Fixed
9 SW-2620 Notifications with the pollMessage and pollUpdateMessage types are logged when the pollMessageWebhook setting is turned off Fixed
10 SW-1992 The uploadFile method incorrectly uploads .py and .go files, defines the file reference as .bin Fixed
11 SW-2267 The response of the getMessage method lacks the fields: "isAnimated", "isForwarded", "forwardingScore" Fixed
12 SW-2307 When receiving a audiomessages using the getMessage method, the fields: "caption", "jpegThumbnail", "isAnimated", "isForwarded", "forwardingScore" Fixed
13 SW-2308 When receiving a documents using the getMessage method, the "jpegThumbnail" field is missing Fixed
14 SW-2525 Documents in .pdf format are converted to .p7s upon receipt Fixed
15 SW-2641 The ClearMessagesQueue method does not clear the queue of messages to be sent Fixed
16 SW-2684 Incorrect sending of images or videos by method sendFileByUrl Fixed
17 SW-2717 Incorrect sending of files with extension .ogg Fixed
18 SW-2717 Incorrect sending of files with extension .xlsx Fixed
19 SW-2717 Incorrect sending of files with extension .m4a Fixed
20 SW-2732 The file sending mechanism is not working properly Fixed
21 SW-2769 The isAnimated field returns null instead of false Fixed
22 SW-1719 The groupName field takes a value of up to 25 characters when creating a group using the createGroup method Fixed
23 SW-1107 ReceiveTimeout parameter in the method receiveNotification doesn't work Fixed
24 SW-987 The checkWhatsapp method returns an incorrect value for numbers of the +8XXXXXXXXXX type Fixed
25 SW-984 When the "Receive notifications of incoming messages and files" or incomingWebhook setting is disabled, a webhook about an incoming call arrives Fixed