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No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-2123 The logging system when using the send File By Url method has been extended
2 SW-2076 The method for retrieving messages from the queue has been optimized
3 SW-1450 The functionality of message queue operations has been optimized
4 SW-962 A timeout of 15 seconds has been set for retrying file upload in messages sent using the sendFileByUrl method
5 SW-2139 The 100MB limit on the size of the file sent has been restored


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-2151 Sending messages from the queue using the sendFileByUrl method stops during a long file download from the source Fixed
2 SW-2152 Error of the first incoming (SWE001) in the middle of the chat Fixed
3 SW-2135 The delaySendMessagesMilliseconds parameter does not change Fixed
4 SW-1073 Queue suspension for 10 minutes when attempting to send a non-existent link using the sendFileByUrl method Fixed
5 SW-2069 Duplication of incoming notifications when an error (SWE001) is received Fixed
6 SW-1820 When adding to the group using the addGroupParticipant method is failed, it returns success Fixed
7 SW-1817 When sending a file using the sendFileByUpload method, an error "failed to sendFileByUpload" occurs if the filename field is specified without an extension Fixed
8 SW-1082 Messages are not sent or delivery status of the messages is not received for all messages Fixed
9 SW-1181 Error 502 when invoking the sendMessage method Fixed
10 SW-2141 Dublication of incoming messages Fixed
11 SW-2246 Conflicts when sending a file using the sendFileByUrl method Fixed