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Significant changes that may affect the integration with the API, and which may require additional code development on your side:


No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-587 The method for getting chat information is extended Documentation
2 SW-429 The field chatName is added to all incoming messages webhooks Documentation
3 SW-658 The redundant field titleFile in files webhooks is excluded Documentation
4 SW-753 Added a text-marker for an error of receiving an incoming file if its size is more than 100 MB Documentation
5 SW-777 Added a forwarding status flag (forwarded) to all incoming message webhooks Documentation
6 SW-797 Validation of the setDisappearingChat is improved Documentation
7 SW-803 Added the linkPreview parameter to the sendMessage method Documentation
8 SW-836 Added the downloadFile method for downloading files from messages Documentation
9 SW-844 Added support of incoming advertisement messages Documentation
10 SW-845 Added a "starting" instance state Documentation
11 SW-886 Added support of incoming sticker messages Documentation
12 SW-845 Added the groupInviteMessage group invitation webhook Documentation
13 SW-896 Link checking for the SendFileByUrl method is optimized
14 SW-896 SendFileByUrl method work is optimized
15 SW-805 Added support of incoming reaction messages Documentation
16 SW-889 Added support for incoming messages with an array of contacts Documentation


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-899 Invalid owner's chatID when getting group info Fixed
2 SW-819 Ban when creating a group chat while adding a telephone number that is not registered in the WhatsApp application Fixed
3 SW-833 Incorrect sending the SWE-003 error text-marker to technical messages Fixed
4 SW-841 Erroneous logging of pending message status to the journal Fixed
5 SW-842 The message status webhook is not received when sent to one's own telephone number Fixed
6 SW-869 Error when switching between backup channels Fixed
7 SW-869 Preview does not work in messages containing links in Cyrillic Fixed
8 SW-877 Long time sending messages to groups using the sendFileByUrl method Fixed
9 SW-879 The file link being sent does not pass validation when sent using the sendFileByUrl method Fixed
10 SW-880 Invalid format of links to enc extension files in journals Fixed
11 SW-885 A chat is not created when receiving an incoming message with a SWE-003 error Fixed
12 SW-887 An incoming webhook on an incoming file with the description is not received Fixed
13 SW-888 A webhook on an incoming image available for viewing once is not received Fixed
14 SW-900 The setGroupPicture does not work on some instances Fixed
15 SW-903 The minutes parameter does not response when calling for journals with LastIncomingMessages and LastOutgoingMessages methods Fixed
16 SW-887 An incoming webhook on an outgoing file with a description is not received Fixed
17 SW-622 A webhook on an incoming message with a contact is not received if it contains 2 or more contacts Fixed