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No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-586 Added a method to change a disappearing chat setting Documentation
2 SW-536 Added the support for disappearing chats
3 SW-658 Added time interval for the methods lastOutgoingMessages and lastIncomingMessages Documentation
4 SW-675 Added the mimeType parameter to all incoming file notifications Documentation
5 SW-778 Added a text-marker for error of receiving incoming message for all types of errors Documentation
6 SW-573 Added the "pending" status of sending a message to the journals Documentation
7 SW-804 Data storage structure has been optimized


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-747 Notifications with delivered statuses of outgoing messages are duplicated. The status delivered can be received after read Fixed
2 SW-771 The message status unknown in incoming notifications from group chats is received Fixed
3 SW-792 Some urls in the text lead to high load Fixed
4 SW-662 Error when sending and receiving files of the dwg format Fixed