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No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-524 Added stanzaId field to button message incoming notification response Documentation
2 SW-521 Added the support for all types of quoted messages Documentation
3 SW-518 Status@broadcast type incoming webhooks have been disabled


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-466 When sending a message to a new contact, instead of a message comes: Waiting for this message. This may take a while Fixed
2 SW-507 Bad format of chatID Fixed
3 SW-525 Bad senderID in button message outgoing notification when sent to a group Fixed
4 SW-520 Error 504 when requested instances list with a partner token Fixed
5 SW-517 Ogg and mov files are sent but not come to the recipient's phone Fixed
6 SW-512 When sending files using the sendfilebyurl method, the Russian-language name of the files is unreadable. docx are not opened Fixed
7 SW-509 When requesting deleting an instance on large lists with a partner method, 404 error is returned Fixed
8 SW-498 Webhooks stop coming to a client's server. Fixed
9 SW-474 Quoted message quote doesn't work Fixed
10 SW-369 When requesting by the QR method, an hourglass is displayed Fixed
11 SW-528 Quoted messages incoming notifications are missing the id of the quoted message when one quotes using NOT text Fixed
12 SW-523 Text message incoming notification differs from the documented one Fixed
13 SW-515 When sending using the sendFileByUpload method, files larger than 2MB are not sent Fixed
14 SW-526 In the filename field of the outgoingAPIMessageReceived notification, there is the guid of the file instead of the name Fixed