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To Partners#

The partnership scheme of cooperation involves deeper integration with the service and work with a larger number of instances on your side:

  • API instances management

  • Postpaid cooperation plan (from the second month of cooperation)

  • Daily billing (for created and non-deleted instances)

  • Personal support chat

In case of any questions in regard to the partnership scheme and additional conditions, please send us a message to or chat on the website.

Getting a partnership token#

You may get a partnership API-token via Green API technical support.

Methods testing#

For testing methods we recommend to use the Postman for partners collection.

To work with the collection, you must first get a partnership API token via support@green-api Green API technical support.

Help for Postman installation

Request format#

Request to API should be executed at:{method}/{partnerToken}

{method} - (string) - API method name;

{partnerToken} - (string) - partner's token, you get it via Green API technical support (;

API methods available for partners#

createInstance - method for creating a messanger account instance on the partner's part

deleteInstanceAccount - method for deleting a partner's account instance

getInstances - method returns all the accounts instances created by the partner

Work order#

  1. Create an instance by createInstance method
  2. Authorize a new instance on your phone. To do this go to your personal area and scan a QR-code.

    Additionally, the display of a QR code can be implemented in the interface of your software product. To do this, it is recommended to use the code examples below:

    • Getting a QR-code through HTTP-request

    • Getting a QR-code via web-socket

    • Getting a QR-code in

    • Besides you may receive a QR code on a separate page on the Internet:{idInstance}/{apiTokenInstance}

      idInstance and apiTokenInstance may be obtained by the createInstance and getInstances methods.

  3. The instance is ready for work. To send and get messages use API methods according to documentation