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🚀 10/31/2023 New Release

Release digest:

  • Added incoming notification for chat blocking - IncomingBlock. You need to enable this webhook in console.
    Now you are able to collect statistics of user complaints about your number. These statistics will help you predict the ban of your number. The more complaints you receive, the closer the ban.

  • Implemented support for Polls. You can now send "Poll" messages - SendPoll and also receive webhooks with Polls results - PollMessage, PollUpdateMessage. You need to enable this webhook in console.
    Poll-messages can be used as a replacement for Buttons-messages when developing chatbots.

  • Added statuses for incoming call notifications.
    Now you are able to specify calls into answered, missed and canceled.

  • Once again we fixed the problem of the instance freezing in the starting status.
  • Fixed some bugs.

See complete release notes here

🚒 You can ask any questions with release here