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03/03/2023 Instance stops working on sending messages#

In the last week we see that some instances stop working on sending messages. While all the other GREEN-API functions work as expected: receiving incoming messages, receiving statuses and etc.

How the error shows itself When you send a message to GREEN-API and you get status code 200, the message's status labels as "sent". But actually, the message wasn't sent. The message won't be either on your or receiver's phone. In our journals such message have a "sent" status.

Scale of the problem For now, the problem has an insignificant scale and affects only some single instances.

Reason A reason of the problem are changes on the WhatsApp side. Our developers investigation the problem and preparing a workaround.

What to do? 1. Remove all the WhatsApp sessions in your phone ("Connected devices" button) 2. Create a new GREEN-API instance. 3. Connect your device to a new GREEN-API instance.

In some cases, the aforementioned recommendations help.

Discuss the problem here