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03/17/2023 sendContact method causes WhatsApp Business to crash on iPhone#

When calling for method sendContact, a new WhatsApp Business version can crash on IPhone.

Conditions: - calling for a sendContact method - cellphone of a sender or a receiver is an iPhone - a sender or a receiver is using WhatsApp Business

On Android the problem doesn't reproduct. On iPhone with WhatsApp (not WhatsApp Business) the problem doesn't reproduct either.

Reasons: Some innovations in WhatsApp Business

What to do? Do not use sendContact until we fix it.

We are preparing a fix and planning to publish it very soon.

How to restore work on WhatsApp Business - Remove the sent message (contact) on a sender's phone - restart iPhone - reopen WhatsApp Business a few times (press on app's icon and hold it, press on "Start a chat") - WhatsApp Business will close down a few times - try to enter any chat when launching the app

Discuss the problem here

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused!