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Why messages are sent slowly?#

There are several possible reasons why messages may be sent slowly:

  1. A large delay is set for message sending (delaySendMessagesMilliseconds)
  2. The SendFileByUrl method is used from storage with slow download speed
  3. A large file of more than 20 MB is being sent
  4. Mass mailing
  5. Messages contain links to websites

1. A large delay is set for message sending (delaySendMessagesMilliseconds)#

  • Check the messages sending delay in the settings using the GetSettings method, specifically the delaySendMessagesMilliseconds parameter.

  • The speed of sending messages from the queue is regulated by the messages sending delay(delaySendMessagesMilliseconds) parameter.

  • If the value is set to a large delay, this indicates a significant delay and may lead to slow sending of messages.

  • To reduce the delay, you need to call the SetSettings method and specify the desired message interval value in milliseconds in the delaySendMessagesMilliseconds patameter.

  • The minimum messages sending delay is 500 milliseconds. However, it is worth noting that setting too small delay during mass mailing increases the risk of account blocking. WhatsApp may consider excessively fast activity as suspicious and impose restrictions on your account.

2. The SendFileByUrl method is used from storage with slow download speed#

When using the SendFileByUrl method, the message-sending process can slow down due to the the slow download speed of the file being sent from storage. The data transfer speed depends on the server hosting the file. If this server is slow or overloaded, it can cause delays when downloading a file, and, consequently, when sending a message.

3. A large file of more than 20 MB is being sent#

Large files require more time for uploading and sending due to large amount of data, which increases the time needed for data transmission across the network, potentially causing message sending delays. Regardless of the network speed, preparing and sending a large file may take additional time.

4. Mass mailing#

During mass mailing, WhatsApp may automatically reduce the sending speed up to 30 seconds per message to avoid suspicious activity and account blocking.

Also, during mass mailing, especially if messages contain links, photos, or other media files, the delay will be even greater due to the fact that media files increase the data volume that needs to be loaded and sent. This requires additional time for data transmission.

5. Messages contain links to websites#

Message sending may be delayed by up to 10 seconds if the messages contain links to websites. The messenger automatically generates a preview for web links, and the system may require time to retrieve data from the website, including images, and create a preview.

A preview is a thumbnail image or a brief representation of a website with a short description, typically displayed in messages when you share a link to that page.