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Why does the SWE001 error often occur?#

Waiting for this message or SWE001 marker is an error in decrypting the first incoming messages, which initially arrive empty on additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Green API), indicating an issue with receiving the textual content of the message.

On the primary device, the error message may be displayed correctly.

Currently, API makes 5 attempts to decrypt the message, and after 5 unsuccessful attempts, it generates the SWE001 error.

Also, if the interlocutor has not written to you for more than 14 days, then when resuming the dialogue you may receive error SWE001.

How does the "Waiting for this message" error look?
  • The Waiting for this message error in WhatsApp:


  • The Waiting for this message error or SWE001 marker in the API appears in the incoming message webhook body:

        "typeWebhook": "incomingMessageReceived",
            "senderContactName": "John Doe"


  1. To request a resend:

    Configure the bot to ask the sender to resend the message. For example: "Please resend the message. I couldn't see your response".

  2. Open the chat with the message

    By opening the chat with the SWE001 message through the WhatsApp client (Web, desktop), the message may change from Waiting for this message to a complete one.

  3. QR Code Rescan

    In the event of frequent SWE001 errors, it is necessary to relink your device. To do this, log in to your WhatsApp account and sign out of all linked devices:

    • Android: dots > Linked devices > tap on the session from the list > Sign out
    • iPhone: Go to Settings > Linked devices > tap on the session from the list > Sign out

    It is important to delete all previous sessions, and only after that, re-link your device by scanning the QR code in console.

    For more information on "How to set up device pairing?" read our article.

  4. Using WhatsApp Business

    Instead of the regular WhatsApp application, we recommend using WhatsApp Business. Similar errors occur less frequently when using WhatsApp Business.

    For example, when sending messages via the link from a mobile device, the first message in regular WhatsApp is likely to have the SWE001 error. Similar messages in WhatsApp Business are processed and delivered correctly.