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Why can not I connect the device to the API?#

Possible reasons for failed device pairing with API:

  1. Scanning a picture (You are sent an image of a code to scan). Solution: you need to use the QR method to get the code, scan the code directly from the browser.

  2. The QR code is updated every 20 seconds, so it is recommended to call the QR code receiving method with an interval of 1 second.

  3. Request code from only one place, do not request code from the API and from the web or desktop version at the same time. Also, do not request the code from different integration ip addresses.

  4. If after requesting the code, after 180 seconds, the code was not scanned, you need to make a reboot instance and request the code again.

  5. When scanning the code, it is required to fully fit the code into the scope of the application, if the code is too small, WhatsApp may not recognize it correctly.