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What types of blocks can WhatsApp impose?#

Incomplete number block (a warning from WhatsApp)#

  • Device association block (instance block). You can learn more in the article.
  • Logout. More details can be found in the article.
  • YellowCard. Further information is available in the article.
  • Use of unofficial applications (old application).
    Number is blocked

The reasons your number could get blocked.#

  1. Account block for sending a large number of messages.

    This can occur when the quantity of messages sent exceeds what a normal person could send, or if messages were sent to many people not on the contact list. Such complaints are submitted by WhatsApp users themselves. The number will be unavailable for sending messages for 24 to 48 hours.

  2. Account block for violating commercial policy.

    Your WhatsApp account can be blocked for not complying with the messenger's trade policy. For example, advertising goods or services that are prohibited by the messenger's policy. The full list of banned and allowed goods and services can be found in the article on the messenger's website.

Account block with the inability to use the number.#

A permanent number block implies loss of access to the account. After this, messages cannot be sent from the number. Access to the number cannot be restored unless there are confirmations of erroneous blocking. WhatsApp imposes this block for violating application rules or for spam, as well as for distributing prohibited content.