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How to protect personal data?#

If your WhatsApp account is sending messages that you didn’t send or other signs of data leakage, you need to:

  1. Unlink the phone number from the instance using the Logout method, or in console:
    • From the list of instances, select and click on the one from which the suspicious activity is occurring;
    • Click the Log out button at the top of console;
    • The status of the instance will become Unauthorized.
  2. Write from the registered mail to support with a request to change the ApiTokenInstance;
  3. Clear the queue of messages to be sent before linking the device.


Support staff will not ask for your ApiTokenInstance, they only need the idInstance.

To reduce the chance of your WhatsApp account being hacked and protect your personal data, you should follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Do not share idInstance and ApiTokenInstance number with third parties;
  2. Do not post the idInstance and ApiTokenInstance number to open repositories on GitHub;
  3. Do not send idInstance and ApiTokenInstance number to groups in messengers;
  4. Contact GreenAPI tech support only through the official channels specified on the website;
  5. When making a request to GreenAPI do not use intermediate routing (proxy, VPN).