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How to confirm the security code in WhatsApp?#

What is a security code?#

A security code is a number of sixty digits or a QR code. It confirms that the communication between two users is encrypted. For third parties, messages from the chat are inaccessible. This technology is called end-to-end encryption.


The sent message is encrypted with a public key and travels through WhatsApp's servers as a set of meaningless characters until it reaches the recipient's device, where a private key decrypts the received message.

The encryption keys are hidden from users and the security code can be viewed on the devices. If the security code matches on both devices, then messages, calls or files between them are encrypted and third parties will not be able to access them. Among other things, the correspondence will be inaccessible to WhatsApp itself. Each of the two participants in a private message chat will receive the same security code.

How to see the security code:#

  1. Open the chat;
  2. Tap on the contact's name;
  3. Tap Encryption.

For comparison, it is possible to scan the QR code from one device with another. Or visually compare the sixty digits, which should match on the two gadgets. On Android and iPhone there is a special "Share" button to send the code via SMS, mail or other messenger. If you are using WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time, the code should be compared on all your gadgets and the contact's gadgets.

What to do if the security code has changed?#

The security code can change, then the numbers of sixty digits on the gadgets of two chat participants will be different. This can happen due to reinstalling WhatsApp, changing your phone number, adding or deleting a linked device.


It is not necessary to confirm the security code.

How do I confirm a new security code?#


If a message appears in the chat, "The user's security code ... has changed. Tap to learn more." You can update the code by:

  1. Unlink all linked devices on your phone and rescan the QR code - the chat encryption keys should update;
  2. Perform the encryption key verification procedure - open WhatsApp on the sender's and recipient's phones -> go to chat with contact -> contact name -> Encryption -> scan QR code.

The encryption will be verified, the message should go away.

How do I disable the security code change notification?#

You can turn off the notification of security code change:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app;
  2. Go to settings -> Account -> Security notifications -> Show security notifications on this device -> Disable.


Error description Possible solution
Some messages are not sent via the API.
The chat may say
"Unable to verify your security code with contact ..."
1. Re-login to your WhatsApp account;
2. Change telephone set;
3. Change phone number