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How to prevent permanently disconnecting QR session?#

If your instance is in the "Not Authorized" status, you need to execute the reboot command, if the status has not changed, you need to scan the QR code in console.

When scanning a QR code, a session will be created, which can be observed in the "Connected devices" tab in the WhatsApp application settings.

In some cases, WhatsApp may randomly disconnect a session.

Session disconnection can be triggered by a number of factors. First of all, disconnecting a session indicates that WhatsApp suspected your account of spamming, unwanted activity.

In this case, WhatsApp disconnects the session. If account will be used in the same mode, then the next step from WhatsApp will be to block your number.

Thus, disconnection the QR session on your phone may indicate about approaching number ban, so the load on the number should be reduced.

Factors, which may increase risk of session disconnection and block of account:

  • using phone emulators instead of physical handsets

  • increased spamming activity

To reduce the risk of a ban and disconnection of the session, read our recommendations: Green API - How to protect number from ban?