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Before you start#

Before you start working with Green API you are required to follow the below steps:

  1. Create Account in Your profile
  2. Create User account
  3. Install mobile app WhatsApp Business
  4. Authorize User account
  5. Get access parameters to User account
  6. Set receiving incoming data

Registering a new WhatsApp number

If you are using a new number that has not been previously used in WhatsApp, we recommend that you read the article How to protect a number from ban?

Video instruction#

1. Create account in Your profile#

To create Account go to Your profile. After authorization in your profile, you will be able to create a user account. In your profile you may create several user accounts for one account.

2. Create User account#

User account is created in your profile and is used to organize HTTP API WhatsApp. One user account may serve only one phone number at a time (one WhatApp account). When creating a user account you are to select a tariff.

3. Install mobile app WhatsApp Business#

Sending and receiving WhatsApp messages is done from your mobile phone. The phone must have the official WhatsApp Business mobile app installed. It is also allowed to use the mobile application WhatsApp, if the use of WhatsApp Business is impossible for any reason.

Сhoice of application

Choosing the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business application does not affect the probability of account blocking.

It is recommended to order Handset hosting service. In this case, a personal mobile phone is not required. Sending and receiving WhatsApp messages will be carried out from a mobile phone located in the Green API data center.

4. Authorize User account#

If you use a personal mobile phone for work with Green API, you have to authorize User account. Account authorization is carried out in Your profile by scanning QR code from WhatsApp Business mobile app. To do this, open WhatsApp Business application on your mobile phone, go to the application settings and scan the QR code displayed in your profile.

  • Android: WhatsApp Business -> Drop down menu -> WhatsApp Web
  • iPhone: WhatsApp Business -> Settings -> WhatsApp Web -> Scan QR code

Sending and receiving messages are carried out from your mobile phone. Therefore, the phone has to be always charged and connected to the Internet.

5. Get access parameters to User account#

To execute HTTP API WhatsApp requests, you need to use the access parameters to User account. Access parameters are published in Your profile:

  • idInstance - account unique number
  • apiTokenInstance - account access key

Account access key can be changed if necessary, for example, if it is compomised.

6. Set receiving incoming data#

If you need to receive incoming data (incoming messages, previously sent messages statuses, etc.), then you have first to make account setup. You can get incoming webhooks via HTTP API or Webhook Endpoint.


Everything is ready to start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages!

To debug requests to the Green API, it is recommended to use Postman collection