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GetIncomingStatuses Test#

Beta version

The functionality is in beta mode. Features are subject to change and may also work unstably. There may be additional charges for functionality in the future.

The method returns the incoming status messages of the instance. In the default mode the incoming status messages for 24 hours are returned.

Statuses can only be received from numbers in the contact list.

The contact list is fetched using the GetContacts method based on the contactName field. To get an updated contact list, you need to rename a contact and re-authorize by rescanning the QR code.


To get incoming statuses, you have to execute a request at:


For apiUrl, idInstance and apiTokenInstance request parameters, refer to Before you start section.

URL request parameters#

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
minutes integer No time in minutes for which the status messages should be displayed (default is 1440 minutes)


Response parameters#

Array of objects with parameters:

Parameter Type Description
type string Message type, incoming - incoming message
idMessage string Incoming message Id
timestamp integer Message acceptance time in UNIX format
typeMessage string Message type, possible variants:
extendedTextMessage - extended text message
imageMessage - image message
videoMessage - video message
audioMessage - audio message
chatId string Message sender chat Id
senderId string Message sender Id
senderName string Message sender name
senderContactName string Message sender name according to the contact list of the current account
textMessage string Text message, if typeMessage= extendedTextMessage
downloadUrl string Link to download a file, if if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage/audioMessage
caption string File caption, if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage
fileName string File name, if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage/audioMessage. The field is generated automatically
jpegThumbnail string base64-coded image preview, if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage
mimeType string File type according to the Media Types, if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage/audioMessage
extendedTextMessage object Text message object (extended), if typeMessage = extendedTextMessage

Parameters of extendedTextMessage object:

Parameter Type Description
text string Message text
backgroundColor string Background color. Default value: #FFFFFF. Example site for getting the background color value
font string Text font. Accepts values:
SERIF - Here is how your text will look
SANS_SERIF - Here is how your text will look
NORICAN_REGULAR - Here is how your text will look
The font is used only for Latin letters
BRYNDAN_WRITE - Here is how your text will look
OSWALD_HEAVY - Here is how your text will look

Response body example#

        "type": "incoming",
        "idMessage": "1E1A12D337F2BFA5FC0000000000000",
        "timestamp": 1710232595,
        "typeMessage": "extendedTextMessage",
        "chatId": "",
        "textMessage": "Good day!",
        "extendedTextMessage": {
            "text": "Good day!",
            "backgroundColor": "#228B22",
            "font": "SANS_SERIF"
        "senderId": "",
        "senderName": "Reachel",
        "senderContactName": "Reachel's whatsapp",
        "type": "incoming",
        "idMessage": "38E322274FDEBA56047000000000000",
        "timestamp": 1710232636,
        "typeMessage": "imageMessage", // "videoMessage" / "audioMessage"
        "chatId": "",
        "downloadUrl": "",
        "caption": "Good day!",
        "fileName": "dcf81410-bdbc-4aed-bf23-d1845cd74754.jpg",
        "jpegThumbnail": "/9j/2wCEABALDA4MChAODQ4SERATGCgaGBYWGDEjJ",
        "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
        "senderId": "",
        "senderName": "Reachel",
        "senderContactName": "Reachel's whatsapp",

GetIncomingStatuses errors#

For a list of errors common to all methods, refer to Common errors section

Request examples#

import requests

url = "{{apiUrl}}/waInstance{{idInstance}}/getIncomingStatuses/{{apiTokenInstance}}"

payload = {}
headers= {}

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data = payload)

curl --location '{{apiUrl}}/waInstance{{idInstance}}/getIncomingStatuses/{{apiTokenInstance}}?minutes=3240'
var restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
var requestUrl = new StringBuilder();

var response =, HttpMethod.GET, null, String.class);
var requestUrl = new StringBuilder();

var response = Unirest.get(requestUrl.toString())
    .header("Content-Type", "application/json")