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Warning! The method is temporarily not working.

The method is aimed for sending a button message to a personal or a group chat. The message will be added to the send queue. Checking whatsapp authorization on the phone (i.e. availability in linked devices) is not performed. The message will be kept for 24 hours in the queue and will be sent immediately after phone authorization. The rate at which messages are sent from the queue is managed by Message sending delay parameter.


To send a message, you have to execute a request at:


For idInstance and apiTokenInstance request parameters, refer to Before you start section.

Features when working with buttons#

  • button title length may be up to 25 characters;
  • there can be no more than 3 buttons of this type;
  • the button can only be selected once.

Request parameters#

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
chatId string Yes Chat Id
message string Yes Message text. Emoji 😃 characters supported
footer string No Message footer. Useful for visually highlighting text related to buttons.
buttons array Yes Message buttons
quotedMessageId string No Quoted message ID. If present, the message will be sent quoting the specified chat message
archiveChat boolean No Archives the chat to which the message was sent. Takes value: true.

buttons array parameters

Parameter Type Description
buttonId integer Button Id
buttonText string Button text

The maximum length of a text message is 4096 characters

Request body example#

Sending a message to a personal chat:

    "chatId": "",
    "message": "Hello",
    "footer": "Please choose the color:",
    "buttons": [
            "buttonId": "1",
            "buttonText": "green"
            "buttonId": "2",
            "buttonText": "red"
            "buttonId": "3",
            "buttonText": "blue"


Response parameters#

Parameter Type Description
idMessage string Sent message Id

Response body example#

    "idMessage": "3EB0C767D097B7C7C030"

Recipient display example#

Пример отображения кнопок

SendMessage errors#

For a list of errors common to all methods, refer to Common errors section

Possible mistakes

When using the SendButtons method, messages may not be displayed on the web, desktop, and mobile versions of the application. The ability to send messages with buttons is implemented by us in a low-level way. The official WhatsApp-Web client does not provide the functionality of sending buttons. To a large extent, the stability of the SendButtons method does not depend on us, WhatsApp constantly makes changes to their work.

We recommend that you always duplicate buttons with regular messages.

For example, use numbers to define choices.

Choose an action:

1 - action 1

2 - action 2

3 - action 3

curl example#

curl --location --request POST '{{idInstance}}/sendButtons/{{apiTokenInstance}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "chatId": "",
    "message": "Please choose the color:",
    "buttons": [{"buttonId": "1", "buttonText": "green"}, {"buttonId": "2", "buttonText": "red"}, {"buttonId": "3", "buttonText": "blue"}]