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Simple button selection#

This section describes messageData object incoming webhook format for simple buttons. For a description of the general format of incoming webhooks, refer to Incoming messages section.


Webhook parameters#

messageData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
typeMessage string Received message type. For messages of this type, the parameter takes on the value buttonsResponseMessage
buttonsResponseMessage object Data object on the user button selection data

buttonsResponseMessage object parameters

Parameter Type Description
selectedButtonId string selected button identifier
selectedButtonText string selected button text
stanzaId string button message ID

Webhook body example#

    "typeWebhook": "incomingMessageReceived",
    "instanceData": {
        "idInstance": 1101000001,
        "wid": "",
        "typeInstance": "whatsapp"
    "timestamp": 1656315272,
    "idMessage": "9BB19BB0D568BA7B185EEAD21A33D317",
    "senderData": {
        "chatId": "",
        "sender": "",
        "senderName": "John",
        "senderContactName": "John Doe"
    "messageData": {
        "typeMessage": "buttonsResponseMessage",
        "buttonsResponseMessage": {
            "stanzaId": "BAE53AFDD5F0C137",
            "selectedButtonId": "1",
            "selectedButtonText": "Green"