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Outgoing message status#

Incoming webhook of this type contains the status of a previously sent message: sent, delivered, read, etc.


Webhook parameters#

Parameter Type Description
typeWebhook string Incoming webhook type. For webhooks of this type the parameter takes on the value outgoingMessageStatus
chatId string Chat Id. Chat with a message for which you received the status.
instanceData object Account data
timestamp integer Event timestamp in UNIX format
idMessage string Outgoing message or file Id. Outgoing message Id is returned by methods: SendMessage, SendFileByUrl, SendFileByUpload, SendLocation, SendContact, SendLink
status string Outgoing message or file status. Status takes on the values:
sent - message sent
delivered - message delivered to the recipient
read - message read/viewed/heard by the recipient
failed - an error occurred while sending a message to WhatsApp server
noAccount - the recipient's phone number does not have a WhatsApp account (this status cannot be disabled in the settings SetSettings, it is necessary to implement the processing of this notification)
notInGroup - the sender is not a participant of a group chat where the message is being sent to
yellowCard - suspension of sending messages due to spam activity
description string Error description
sendByApi boolean Is the message sent through API: true , false

instanceData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
idInstance integer Account Id
wid string Account Id in WhatsApp format
typeInstance string Account messenger type

Webhook body example#

    "typeWebhook": "outgoingMessageStatus",
    "chatId": "",
    "instanceData": {
        "idInstance": 1234,
        "wid": "",
        "typeInstance": "whatsapp"
    "timestamp": 1586700802,
    "idMessage": "3EB0608D6A2901063D63",
    "status": "noAccount",
    "description":"SWE004: 1000",
    "sendByApi": true