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Incoming sticker message#

This section describes messageData object incoming webhook format for incoming sticker message. For a description of the general format of incoming webhooks, refer to Incoming messages section.

To get incoming webhooks of this type, two conditions must be true:

typeWebhook = incomingMessageReceived

messageData.typeMessage = stickerMessage


Webhook parameters#

messageData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
typeMessage string Incoming message type. For messages of this type the parameter takes on the value: stickerMessage
fileMessageData object Incoming sticker data object
quotedMessage object Quoted message data object

fileMessageData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
downloadUrl string Sticker url
caption string File caption
fileName string File name
jpegThumbnail string Image preview in base64
isAnimated boolean Whether the sticker is animated
mimeType string File type according to the Media Types classification
isForwarded boolean Whether the message is forwarded, takes on values true/false
forwardingScore integer Number of message forwards

quotedMessage object parameters

Parameter Type Description
stanzaId string quoted message id
participant string quoted message sender's id
typeMessage string quoted message type

The rest of the fields are filled depending on the type of the quoted message and are identical to the fields of incoming messages described in Incoming messages section

Webhook body example#

  "typeWebhook": "incomingMessageReceived",
  "instanceData": {
    "idInstance": 1234,
    "wid": "",
    "typeInstance": "whatsapp"
  "timestamp": 1588091580,
  "idMessage": "F7AEC1B7086ECDC7E6E45923F5EDB825",
  "senderData": {
    "chatId": "",
    "chatName": "John",
    "sender": "",
    "senderName": "John",
    "senderContactName": "John Doe"
  "messageData": {
    "typeMessage": "stickerMessage",
    "fileMessageData": {
      "downloadUrl": "",
      "caption": "",
      "fileName": "201ee6e7-b6f9-48fe-bc5a-1ce4341cce88.webp",
      "jpegThumbnail": "",
      "isAnimated": true,
      "mimeType": "image/webp",
      "forwardingScore": 1,
      "isForwarded": true
    "quotedMessage": {
      "stanzaId": "A16014FAC9F5382E7B9CEEFEF1FFEB6F",
      "participant": ""