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Exceeding limitation on plan#

Incoming webhook quotaExceeded contains data about exceeding chat limitations on the Developer plan.


Webhook parameters#

Parameter Type Description
typeWebhook string Incoming webhook type. For webhooks of this type the parameter takes on the value quotaExceeded
instanceData object Instance data
timestamp integer Event timestamp in UNIX format
stateInstance object Data about exceeding limitations

instanceData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
idInstance integer Instance Id
wid string Account Id in WhatsApp format
typeInstance string Instance messenger type

quotaData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
method string Method or limitation name. By default, it takes the value correspondents
used string Number of chats used in a month
total string Total number of chats that can be used in a month. By default, it takes the value 3
status string Limitation status
description string Description of the limitation exceedance

Webhook body example#

    "typeWebhook": "quotaExceeded",
    "instanceData": {
        "idInstance": 1000100010,
        "wid": "",
        "typeInstance": "whatsapp"
    "quotaData": {
        "method": "correspondents", // chat limitations
        "used": 3,
        "total": 3,
        "status": "CORRESPONDENTS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED", // The number of chats limit has been exceeded
        "description": "Monthly quota has been exceeded. You can only send or receive messages from following chats:,, Please go to your personal account and change the tariff to business"