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Incoming call#

A webhook of this type appears when there is an incoming call and contains information about the initiator and recipient of the call.


Webhook parameters#

Parameter Type Description
from string Call initiator Id
typeWebhook string Incoming webhook type. For webhooks of this type the parameter takes on the value incomingCall
instanceData object Account data
timestamp integer Event timestamp in UNIX format
idMessage string Incoming call Id

instanceData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
idInstance integer Account Id
wid string Account Id in WhatsApp format
typeInstance string Account messenger type

Webhook body example#

    "from": "",
    "typeWebhook": "incomingCall",
    "instanceData": {
        "idInstance": 1234,
        "wid": "",
        "typeInstance": "whatsapp"
     "timestamp": 1617691757,
     "idMessage": "104179EDB7F5328988D8834107EEBE50"