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Incoming block#

Notification is temporarily not working

Incoming webhook of this type contains information about adding a chat to the list of blocked contacts. This notification indicates that a blocking event has occurred.

When receiving a block from the interlocutor, messages to the number will have the sent status. Read more why is the message status sent?


Webhook parameters#

Parameter Type Description
typeWebhook string Incoming webhook type. For webhooks of this type the parameter takes on the value incomingBlock
instanceData object Instance data
timestamp integer Event timestamp in UNIX format
chatId integer Chat Id in WhatsApp format. By default, takes the value
chatState string Chat state. Have variants:
blocked - The contact has blocked the chat

instanceData object parameters

Parameter Type Description
idInstance integer Instance Id
wid string Account Id in WhatsApp format
typeInstance string Instance messenger type

Webhook body example#

    "instanceData": {
        "idInstance": 1234,
        "wid": "",
    "timestamp": 1586700690,
    "chatId": "",
    "chatState": "blocked"