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The method returns the last outgoing messages of the account. In the default mode the last messages for 24 hours are returned.


To get outgoing messages, you have to execute a request at:


For idInstance and apiTokenInstance request parameters, refer to Before you start section.

Параметры URL запроса#

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
minutes integer No time in minutes for which the messages should be displayed (default is 1440 minutes)


Response parameters#

Array of objects with parameters:

Parameter Type Description
idMessage string Outgoing message Id
timestamp integer Time of the last action on a message in UNIX format
statusMessage string Outgoing message status, possible variants:
noAccount - no WhatsApp account on phone number
notInGroup - not in this group
pending - is sent
sent - sent
delivered - delivered
read - read/seen/heard
typeMessage string Message type, possible variants:
textMessage - text message
imageMessage - image message
videoMessage - video message
documentMessage - document file message
audioMessage - audio message
locationMessage - location message
contactMessage - contact message
extendedTextMessage - link and preview message
chatId string Chat Id, where message has been sent to
textMessage string Message text, if typeMessage=textMessage
downloadUrl string Link to download a file, if typeMessage = imageMessage/videoMessage/documentMessage/audioMessage
caption string File caption
location object Location structure object
contact object Contact structure object
extendedTextMessage object Link data structure object

Parameters of location object:

Parameter Type Description
nameLocation string Location name
address string Location address
latitude double Location latitude
longitude double Location longitude
jpegThumbnail string base64-coded image preview

Parameters of contact object:

Parameter Type Description
displayName string Contact display name
vcard string VCard structure (contact visit card)

Parameters of extendedTextMessage object:

Parameter Type Description
text string Link text
description string Link description
title string Link title
previewType string Link preview type
jpegThumbnail string base64-coded image preview

Response body example#

        "idMessage": "3EB0BDDC94BFDFB3D4FA",
        "timestamp": 1587133830,
        "statusMessage": "read",
        "typeMessage": "textMessage",
        "chatId": "",
        "textMessage": "Hi",
        "idMessage": "3EB0BDDC94BFDFB3D4FA",
        "timestamp": 1587133830,
        "statusMessage": "read",
        "typeMessage": "imageMessage",
        "chatId": "",
        "downloadUrl": "",
        "caption": "What do you think?"

LastOutgoingMessages errors#

For a list of errors common to all methods, refer to Common errors section

Python request example#

import requests

url = "{{idInstance}}/lastOutgoingMessages/{{apiTokenInstance}}"

payload = {}
headers= {}

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data = payload)