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Common errors#

HTTP errors#

HTTP code Error ID Description
400 instance in starting process try later The account is in starting/restarting process. Please try again in a few seconds.
400 instance account not authorized The account is not authorized. To authorize your account, go to My Profile and scan the QR code from the WhatsApp Business application on your phone.
400 bad request data The request data are not valid. Correct the error in the request parameters and try again.
429 Too Many Requests The user has been rate limited. Please decrease the frequency requests. Request frequency guidelines.
466 correspondentsStatus The limit is used up, more details in the error body.
500 "File from url exceeded max upload size. Size: XXXXmb Limit: 100mb Url: An attempt to send a file larger than 100 MB

Errors in the webhooks body#

Error code Parameter Description Solution
{{SWE001}} textMessage Error of receiving the first incoming message in the chat when sent to additional devices from the WhatsApp side. It is also observed in the native web and desktop versions. In fact, all additional devices get an empty message. To capture th etext-marker {{SWE001}} in the message body and configure the bot to re-request the message from the sender with the following text:"Please send your message again, I couldn't see your reply".
{{SWE002}} downloadUrl Error of getting a large file over 100 MB. To capture the text-marker {{SWE002}} in the message body and check the message in the phone.
{{SWE003}} textMessage Error of decrypting messages caused by the loss of the authorization keys relevance. To capture the text-marker {{SWE003}}. When such messages come, it is necessary to delete all authorizations in the phone and scan the QR code again.
{{SWE004}} textMessage Error working with group chats caused by exceeding the membership of 100 contacts in the group. To capture the text-marker {{SWE004}}. When such messages appear, it is necessary to delete groups in which the number of participants exceeds 100 contacts or to delete contacts from groups.

API errors#

List of API errors and workarounds