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Green API provides different rates for interacting with the service features.

  • A free Developer plan

    Allows you to test sending and receiving messages, share geo-position, check if the customer's number is registered with WhatsApp and a host of other features. But it is subject to a number of limitations.

    On the "Developer" plan you can create a maximum of 1 instance. You can interact with only 3 chats (contacts or groups) and receive notifications only from 3 chats.

  • A paid Business plan

    It contains all the features of the free plan without limitations. It is designed for full-scale work with a large number of individual clients and group chats. The paid Business plan is best launched after testing the features of the free Developer plan.

Learn more about the plans and their features and limitations:

  1. Methods and limitations
  2. Notifications and limitations


Limitations are updated every month on the 1st of each month.

These tables describe methods that have limitations. If a method is not in the table, then there is no limitations on it.

Methods and limitations#

Method Developer
Number of requests per month
Number of requests per month
checkWhatsapp 100 30 000
sendContact 1000 Unlimited
deleteMessage 1000 Unlimited
sendLocation 1000 Unlimited
sendFileByUrl 1000 Unlimited
updateGroupName 1000 Unlimited
getGroupData 1000 Unlimited
addGroupParticipant 1000 Unlimited
removeGroupParticipant 1000 Unlimited
setGroupAdmin 1000 Unlimited
removeAdmin 1000 Unlimited
leaveGroup 1000 Unlimited
sendFileByUpload 1000 Unlimited
lastIncomingMessages 1000 Unlimited
lastOutgoingMessages 1000 Unlimited
createGroup 1000 Unlimited
getContacts 1000 Unlimited
forwardMessages 1000 Unlimited
readChat 500 Unlimited
downloadFile 500 Unlimited
getChatHistory 300 Unlimited
getStatusInstance 100 Unlimited
getAvatar 100 Unlimited
setGroupPicture 100 Unlimited
archiveChat 100 Unlimited
unarchiveChat 100 Unlimited
getContactInfo 100 Unlimited
setDisappearingChat 100 Unlimited
sendTextStatus 10 Unlimited
sendVoiceStatus 10 Unlimited
sendMediaStatus 10 Unlimited
getOutgoingStatuses 10 Unlimited
getIncomingStatuses 10 Unlimited
deleteStatus Unlimited Unlimited
getStatusStatistic Unlimited Unlimited
getSettings Unlimited Unlimited
setSettings Unlimited Unlimited
getStateInstance Unlimited Unlimited
reboot Unlimited Unlimited
logout Unlimited Unlimited
qr Unlimited Unlimited
scanQrCode Unlimited Unlimited
setProfilePicture Unlimited Unlimited
getWaSettings Unlimited Unlimited
receiveNotification Unlimited Unlimited
deleteNotification Unlimited Unlimited
getMessage Unlimited Unlimited
getDeviceInfo Unlimited Unlimited
sendMessage Unlimited Unlimited
sendButtons Unlimited Unlimited
sendTemplateButtons Unlimited Unlimited
sendListMessage Unlimited Unlimited
sendLink Unlimited Unlimited
sendPoll Unlimited Unlimited
clearMessagesQueue Unlimited Unlimited
sendTemplate Unlimited Unlimited

Notifications and limitations#

Notifications Developer
Number of requests per month
Number of requests per month
incomingMessageReceived Unlimited Unlimited
outgoingMessageReceived Unlimited Unlimited
outgoingAPIMessageReceived Unlimited Unlimited
outgoingMessageStatus Unlimited Unlimited
stateInstanceChanged Unlimited Unlimited
statusInstanceChanged Unlimited Unlimited
deviceInfo Notification is
temporarily not working.
Notification is
temporarily not working.
incomingCall Unlimited Unlimited
incomingBlock Notification is
temporarily not working.
Notification is
temporarily not working.
quotaExceeded Unlimited Unlimited